Performance Cloud
Building tomorrow's organizations today

With the Cornerstone Performance Cloud, you can align individual goals with departmental objectives and organizational strategy, enable workforce and employee succession management and get the power of comprehensive compensation tools.

This gives your organization the necessary tools to translate workforce activity into positive business results, identify and track employee performance and recognize and reward top performers the right way. Learn more about how Cornerstone can help your organization get the greatest return on its human capital investment through empowered performance management.

Performance Management

Aligning business strategy with the goals of your workforce in addition to managing tasks enterprise-wide is challenging without a performance management system. The Cornerstone Performance Cloud makes it easy to set career and performance goals with the most sophisticated goal software available.

Features Include:
  • Goal Setting & Management
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Social Reviews
  • View KPI Dashboards at Every Level Of the Enterprise
  • Create Custom Performance Reviews & 360-degree reviews
Skill & Competency Management

Easily identify competency and skill gaps within your organization using 180- and 360-degree feedback, self-assessments and custom-built competency models. Cornerstone can dynamically generate an individual development plan and recommend training or developmental activities based on an employee's competency assessment.

Features Include:
  • Competency Assessments
  • Observation Checklist
  • Development Plans
  • Custom Built Competency Models
  • Track & Store Current & Past Assessments
Succession Management

Cornerstone Succession Management helps identify and proactively address workforce planning issues and opportunities before they occur, providing the ability to map out succession scenarios for any position within your organization.

Features Include:
  • Organizational Charts
  • 9-box grids
  • Internal Talent Pooling & Recruiting
  • Career Management
  • Integrated Talent Profiles
  • People Finder To Locate Internal Talent
Compensation Management

Cornerstone Compensation manages all types of employee compensation programs including salary, merit increases, market adjustments, lump sum payments, and other discretionary pay components.

Features Include:
  • Compensation Planning
  • Budgeting & Reporting
  • Compensation Modeling
  • Automated Incentive Program Administration
  • Increased Transparency & Visibility for Administrators & Managers