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Executive Summary

Travelex Global Business Payments, a division of Travelex Global, has implemented Composica, a comprehensive e-learning solution, to meet their induction and on-going training needs. In this case study, Travelex offers an overview of the reasons for their choice, the implementation process and the benefits they have earned.

We wish to extend our thanks for Claire Sutherland of Travelex Global Business Payments for the time and care she spent in helping us to compose this case study.

The Client  

Travelex Global Business Payments (TGBP) is a business division of Travelex - the world’s leading provider of international payments, with trading floors on four continents, operations in over 30 countries and partnerships with over 4,000 financial institutions.

Winner of the Bank of New York Mellon Award for accuracy of payments service in 2007, Travelex’s growth is based on exceptional customer service and specialist knowledge, with more than 30,000 businesses that handle international payments to over a million people every year.

The Challenge

TGBP comprises approximately 400 employees, with a sales force of approximately 60 employees spread out across the UK and offices in 3 locations.

Prior to working with Composica, TGBP had difficulty getting its sales force together in one of its offices (located in London, Maidenhead and Peterborough) to complete training courses.

When employees start at Travelex, they complete a comprehensive induction program before they are able to begin in their role. One of TGBP’s main goals in working with Composica was to reduce its typical induction period from four weeks down to two weeks

The Solution

TGBP decided that its goals would best be achieved using a combination of e-learning and class-based training.

Based on a set of requirements, the company’s training team narrowed its short list of selected tools to four web-based systems, including Composica.

The right solution for TGBP had to meet the following requirements:

        Allow easy integration with the company’s Learning Management System

        Support multiple users, working with the system simultaneously from
           different locations

        Be easily customizable, without any design restrictions

        Offer ease of development and an intuitive user interface

        Provide support for various media

        Allow for rapid content development

        Allow sharing and reuse of different modules and resources

Implementing the Solution

TGBP chose Composica because it offered the most extensive solution to meet all of the company's requirements and came strongly recommended by Intellego, the chosen vendor for the overall process.

Full implementation of the solution was delivered by Intellego and took approximately three months, including complete LMS implementation and training. Purchase of the software was completed as a joint initiative between two of Travelex's business streams: Travelex Global Business Payments (TGBP) and Travelex Retail.

Claire Sutherland, Learning & Development Consultant at TGBP, describes the implementation process, "The first thing we developed in Composica was a 'fun module', which was aimed at getting users familiar with navigating around the system and the different types of questions they would come across. Initial response was very positive. 95% of the staff completed the first module in a couple of weeks and it got people talking and excited about the new system.”

The next focus for the training team was to use Composica for the company's new induction program, which comprised 50% e-learning and 50% classroom instruction (alternately), to train a large group of sales force inductees.

"It soon became obvious, during the classroom training, that by completing e-learning training programs, inductees had gained the knowledge they needed to allow us to focus on how to use this knowledge" Claire Sutherland said.

Staff that came out of the training seemed to be more advanced as a result of the new training system. These new inductees were trained more quickly and would meet their targets sooner than those who had been through the previous induction program. "

The Results

Working closely with Intellego, TGBP have utilized Composica to produce approximately 60 modules and Travelex's retail segment has created approximately 80 modules, in the last year. These modules, in conjunction with classroom activities, are being used in all different types of training conducted at TGBP.

Claire Sutherland explained the impact that e-learning has had since the implementation:

"We use e-learning for a lot more of the theory behind sales, which means we have more time to practice skills-based exercises and focus on key selling strategies in the classroom.

Since the inductees are now given substantial product knowledge through e-learning programs prior to their class time, our classroom time is more productive."

According to Claire Sutherland, getting staff up-to-speed in the field also takes a lot less time now. Prior to combining e-learning modules, TGBP’s sales agents typically required about three months to meet sales targets. That period has been substantially reduced as a result of working with Composica, and is now approximately 1-2 months. "Sales agents understand our products and services better and also have a permanent reference to training materials via e-learning which allows them to carry out their role to the best of their ability at all times." said Claire Sutherland.

The Benefits

In addition to fully addressing its initial challenges, TGBP discovered additional benefits as a result of working with Composica. A few of the benefits mentioned include:

        Categorizing projects by tags provides a convenient way for content authors to track and organize their rapidly increasing numbers of projects
           Easy import of pages from other projects is a significant advantage when creating new modules. By leveraging existing content, development time and costs are substantially reduced
           The ability to smoothly import existing PowerPoint presentations into Composica is a very effective time saver, as most of the content was previously created using PowerPoint

These benefits are experienced across the organization:

Users gain from the fact that their learning materials are available to them at all times. They have the opportunity to complete training on their own time schedules and to pace themselves and comfortably take notes, while maintaining an on-going reference to refresh their knowledge.

Managers comment about the importance of assessments available to them through e-learning tools, which assist in tracking users learning and progress.

As Claire Sutherland explained, from a trainer ’s perspective, "E-learning through Composica frees up more time for us to concentrate on the content of our training programs and not on administrative tasks revolved around running and tracking classroom based training."

She summarized the overall improvements that the training team experienced in their work process:

"It is very easy to update courses and re-launch them without having to start afresh. Collaboration between team members in Composica removes development bottlenecks, as everyone has access to the system all the time and we can simultaneously work on the same projects".

"And of course, the fact that e-learning streamlines the production process and re-enforces learning is always beneficial to us. The updates that we get from Composica continually improve our work environment."

Training and Support

Claire emphasized the importance of having a good working relationship with vendors. When TGBP selects a product, the company also wants to be assured that maintenance and on-going support are continuously provided. According to her, that is exactly how its experience with Intellego, a leading partner of Composica in the UK and Europe, has been.

During the evaluation process, Intellego provided TGBP with a comprehensive demonstration, including an in-depth overview of the different features and live customization of the design for the team to see how projects could look and feel using Travelex’s own colors and branding.

Intellego accompanied the team during the entire implementation process, delivered in-house training and assisted them with testing Composica on the LMS.

Speaking about Intellego, Sutherland commented "They are always very responsive to our requests and provide us with complete instruction and excellent on-going support."

Andy Green, CEO of Intellego commented “We were delighted to have been selected by Travelex to recommend, develop and supply this important solution based on the Enterprise Knowledge Platform Learning Management System and the Composica web authoring technology. Our solution laid the foundations for the adoption of e-learning by Travelex UK”.

Future Plans

There are currently 1600 users who have access to e-learning modules at Travelex and this number is growing.

TGBP is currently looking to implement e-learning globally, for its international business units. Additionally, other divisions within Travelex, such as Travelex Outsourcing, have expressed interest in using Composica for their own e-learning needs.

About Intellego

Listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London, Intellego delivers creative, innovative and convenient compliance vendor neutral, “best of breed solutions” that deliver demonstrable business impact, reducing risk and improving returns. From compliance and performance management systems to published and bespoke courseware solutions, Intellego offers an extensive experience and deep understanding of the challenges faced by the Retail, Financial Services & Pharmaceutical Life Science industries and has a loyal client base of over 500 UK & European customers (including Astra Zeneca, Boots & Rightmove) who continue to benefit from Intellego's integrated “single source” partnership approach to training and e-learning solutions.

About Composica

Composica empowers organizations by enabling them to create compelling, highly interactive, SCORM-supported e-learning content. Its flagship product, Composica, revolutionizes the way content is created and managed. Using advanced Web-based technologies such as AJAX, it facilitates real-time collaboration and offers rich development features combined with exemplary on-going support.


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