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ADP深度案例分析 [复制链接]


ADP is the world leader in payroll, benefit administration and human resources. In a dynamic and fast-changing industry, ADP’s National Account Sales Training team faces the challenge of training its sales associates and new hires on the ADP sales process, policies, and product and service offerings—and doing so at record speed.

The NAS sales training team is responsible for both the creation and deployment of training programs. Due to tight deadlines and a small team, a tool was needed to allow content to be developed and deployed quickly—requiring minimal down time for training the instructional design team.

Armed with existing content created for the classroom in the form of PowerPoint and PDF files, the ADP team members sought a way that would allow them to create e-learning modules in an effective and timely manner, then easily distribute programs to a wide audience. To meet the unique needs of the sales audience, the e-learning needed to be available 24/7 via the Internet and presented in a slick, animated format.

Logical development tools would leverage a combination of HTML, XML, ActionScript, or JavaScript, but the ADP team only had one member with e-learning development expertise. Given this developer bottleneck, the turn-around time for new product training was 2 to 4 weeks. This timeframe was unacceptable in the fast-paced sales environment.


ADP needed a cost-effective way for its relatively small team of instructional designers to develop graphics — and audio-intensive e-learning.

“We needed to develop training rapidly,” said Lora Davis, ADP Instructional Designer. “Many of the e-learning tools on the market didn’t meet our needs due to the training and programming skills we’d need to get up and running with the applications.”

“PowerPoint was a tool all of our designers were familiar with and had used before to develop storyboards,” continued Davis. “Actually, the majority of the content collected from our subject matter experts during development is already in PowerPoint.”

Articulate Presenter provided the technology to take ADP’s existing training content to the next level—adding audio, animation, interactions, and quickly packaging for deployment via the Web. The ADP Sales Training team estimates that it now takes 2 to 4 days for e-learning development, as opposed to the 2 to 4 weeks that would be necessary if attempting to develop using HTML, ActionScript, or JavaScript


The end result is that e-learning is developed and delivered to the field quickly and sales associates receive the training while it is timely and relevant.

ADP finds that in addition to using Articulate Presenter for development of its e-learning modules, “we also use Articulate Presenter as a vehicle to market new e-learning courses,” said Davis. “Our sales training executive sends an email with a link to an animated announcement describing the main components and benefits of the course.”


By utilizing Articulate Presenter, ADP is able to:

• Reduce development time from 4 weeks to 4 days, thus dramatically accelerating the field’s speed to knowledge

• Utilize a familiar tool like PowerPoint so designers can focus on content and not technical hurdles

• Lower development costs by leveraging existing content

• Remove development bottlenecks that previously relied on complex programming

• Build a repository of knowledge accessible by all employees, not just new hires


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